Cubing Glossary

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This page is a glossary of the common speedcubing terms, acronyms and abbreviations.



+2 (Plus Two Seconds) 2

The standard time penalty in WCA competitions WCA比赛时的惩罚


A Pyraminx advanced method 金字塔高级玩法

2GLL (2-Generator Last Layer) R,U流还原顶层

Subset of ZBLL after solving corner permutation


3-Style 三循环法(彳亍法)

An advanced BLD method using 3-cycle 采用三循环的盲拧高级玩法


ABmCnE (All But m Corners, n Edges)

All pieces but m corners and n edges are solved.

Advanced Method 高级方法

Adj (Adjacent) 邻(相邻的)

AfR (African Record/Rank) 非洲纪录/排名

Alg (Algorithm) 公式

A sequence of moves designed to achieve a particular outcome on a puzzle


Align 对齐

Alternative Algorithm 可选公式

ALL (All Last Layer)

See also “1LLL”.

Anti-Twist 防转角

AoX (Average of X) X次去尾平均

In an AoX, the best and worst times in an average are placed in brackets. Example: (5.43) 4.32 3.21 2.10 (1.00). 用圆括号将最好和最坏的时间括起来。例如:(5.43) 4.32 3.21 2.10 (1.00)。

AS (Anti-Sune) 反小鱼

The inverse of the Sune algorithm which re-orients 3 corners CCW


AsR (Asian Record/Rank) 亚洲纪录/排名

Assemble 组装

AUF (Adjust U Face) U调整顶层

This is a move generally performed before or after an algorithm to align the U face to a desired position. It could either be U, U’, or U2. 是在做还原公式前或后的调整。可以是U,U’或U2。

Avg (Average) 去尾平均

The average result of counting solves 计入成绩的平均值

Axes 轴(复数)

A plural of axis



Back Slash 反斜杠

Bandaged puzzle 捆绑魔方

A twisty puzzle that has cubies that have been combined together, generally restricting certain moves that would have previously been possible had said puzzle not been bandaged. An example of a bandaged puzzle is a Rubik’s cube with an edge bandaged with a corner.

See Also

Basic Insert 标态F2L

Beginner Method 入门玩法

Method designed for beginners, which has few algorithms but many steps



A Pyraminx advanced method 金字塔高级玩法

Big Cube 高阶魔方

NxNxN cube (N>3)三阶以上的正阶魔方

Blank Cube

Cube without sticker 未上贴纸的魔方

BLD (Blindfolded) 盲拧

Solving cubes blindfolded

Blindfold 眼罩


See also “BLD”.

BLE (Brooks’ Last Edge) [27 cases]

Inserting an edge into last F2L slot and orient LL corners 插入最后一组F2L的棱块的同时完成顶层角块朝向

Block 区块

Blockbuilding 块构造

Inuitively solving blocks of pieces around the cube, in contrast to algorithmic speedcubing approaches


BOY (Blue-Orange-Yellow)

Western Color Scheme 西方配色

Buffer 缓冲块

Some fixed sticker used in BLD 盲拧中某个固定贴纸

Bumpless 少卡挫的

BYO (Blue-Yellow-Orange)

Japanese Color Scheme 日本配色


Cancel Moves 消步

Cap 盖子

Case 情况

CCW (Counterclockwise) 逆时针

Center 中心块

The middle piece on each side of 3×3. For big cube, it refers to the pieces with only one color.



CFOP (Cross-F2L-OLL-PLL) (十字前两层顶层排列顶层朝向)

CFOP, the most commonly used speedsolving method for 3×3, was first developed in the early 1980s combining innovations by a number of cubers. Jessica Fridrich popularized it by publishing it online in 1997. 最主流的三阶魔方速拧方法

Checker 棋盘

Cleaning 清洁

CLL (Corners of Last Layer)

Solving last layer corners [42 cases] 还原顶层角块

CLS (Corner Last Slot) [104 cases]

Solving the last F2L corner and orienting LL corners, assuming LL edges are oriented


CLSCP (Corner Last Slot and Corner Permutation)

Solving the last F2L corner and LL corners, assuming LL edges are oriented


CMLL (Corners Orientation and Permutation of LL Ignoring M-Slice)

A step in intermediate Roux method

CN (Color Neutrality) 颜色中立

The ability to start a puzzle on any color 能从任意颜色开始还原魔方的能力

CO (Corner Orientation) 翻角(角块朝向)

COLL (Corners and Orientation of Last Layer) [42 cases]

Solving last layer corners while preserving the last layer edge orientation


Color 颜色

十六进制表示的网页颜色 Web color in hexadecimal format: 白 white #FFFFFF; 红 red #EE0000; 绿 green #00D800; 蓝 blue #0000F2; 橙 orange #FFA100; 黄 yellow #FEFE00; 深灰背景 dark grey background #404040; 灰 grey #808080; 肉 flesh #EEE8AA; 深绿 dark green #1E8F57; 浅蓝 blue #ADD8E6.

For example, consider the color where the red/green/blue values are decimal numbers: red=36, green=104, blue=160 (a grayish-blue color). The decimal numbers 36, 104 and 160 are equivalent to the hexadecimal numbers 24, 68 and A0 respectively. The hex triplet is obtained by concatenating the six hexadecimal digits together, 2468A0 in this example.

Color Scheme 配色方案


Comm (Commutator) 交换子,转换机

[A, B] = A B A’ B’. Example: (R’ D’ R) (U) (R’ D R) (U’).

Comp (Competition) 比赛

Conj (Conjugate) 共轭子

A: B = [A: B] = A B A’. Example: (R U2 R’) (R’ F R F’) (R U2 R’).

Connected F2L 已配对的F2L

A F2L pair that can be solved alone with R U’ R’ or L’ U L 还原公式为R U’ R’ 或 L’ U L的一组F2L

Contact Surface 接触面

Corner 角块

Pieces with three different colors for NxNxN cubes 含三种颜色的块

Corner Cutting 容错

When cube is not fully aligned, one can still turn it. There are 2 types: Regular corner cutting and reverse corner cutting. 当魔方没有对齐时,仍能转动魔方。有两种类型:正容错和逆容错。

Corner Twists 转角

The pieces of speedcubes need to move easily. Because of this sometimes corners can twist in their place. This can occur with very rounded corners as well as cubes on very loose tensions. A puzzle cannot be solved when a single corner twists in its place. It must be corrected before the solve can be finished.

Counting Solves 计入成绩

A set of consecutive solves excluding best and worst solves


CP (Corner Permutation) 角序(角块排列)

CR (Continental Record) 洲纪录

Cross 十字

Solving 4 edge pieces around a center piece 还原围绕某个中心块的四个棱块

CS (Cubeshape) 复形

CSP (Cubeshape Parity) 复形奇偶

See page “SQ-1 CSP Algorithms”.

Cube 魔方

See also “Puzzle”.

Cube Cover 魔方遮罩

Puzzle Defect 魔方故障

Cube Rotation 整体旋转魔方

Rotating the cube in place without turning any side. The three rotational axes used in cube notation are x, y and z. 在不转动任何面的情况下整体旋转魔方。三个正交轴分别表示为 x, y, z。

Cuber 魔友

Person who enjoy playing with cube or twisty puzzle 喜欢玩魔方的人

Cubeshape 复形


Solvable piece on an NxNxN puzzle 正阶魔方中能还原的块

Cuboid 不等阶魔方

LxMxN cube LxMxN 魔方

CW (Clockwise) 顺时针

CxLL (Corners Last Layer)

A group of methods that solve LL corners, which contains COLL, CLL, CMLL

还原顶层角块的系列方法,例如COLL, CLL, CMLL

Cycle 循环,轮换



DEC – (Double Extended Cross) 双重拓展十字

See also “XXcross”.

Diag (Diagonal) 对角上(对角线上的)


DNF (Did Not Finish) 未完成

DNS (Did Not Start) 放弃(未开始)

Domino Cube 多米诺魔方

2x3x3 Cube 2x3x3魔方

Domino Reduction 多米诺降群

Reduce the cube state to the state generated by {U, D, R2, L2, F2, B2}.

Double Flick 连拨


EC (Extended Cross)

See also “Xcross”.

Edge 棱块

Pieces with two different colors 含两种颜色的块

Edge Control 控棱

Intentionally orienting some last layer edges while solving F2L 做F2L时有意识地还原顶层一些棱块的朝向

Edge Flip 翻棱

Edge Parity 棱特

Efficient 高效的

EG (Erik-Gunnar)

2×2 advanced method that solving one face, and then finish the entire cube in one algorithm. EG includes CLL, EG-1, EG-2. 二阶高级方法,先还原一面,再一次性还原整个魔方。

Elasticity 弹力

ELL (Edges of LL) 还原顶层棱块

EO (Edge Orientation) 翻棱(棱块朝向)

EOLR (Edge Orientation Left & Right)

A step in advanced Roux method 高级桥式玩法中的一个步骤

EOLS (Edge Orientation Last Slot)

Solving the last F2L pair and orienting LL edges 还原最后一组F2L和顶层棱块朝向

EP (Edge Permutation) 棱序(棱块排列)

Equator 赤道

Middle layer on SQ1 SQ1的中层

ER (European Record/Rank) 欧洲纪录/排名

ETM (Execution Turn Metric)

A metric for 3×3 where any perceived movement counts as a turn 任意单个实际操作计数为1的度量制

Execution 执行

exPLL (PLL Execution) PLL连拧


F2L (First Two Layers) 还原前两层


A single surface 一个单独的表面

Facet 贴片

Surface on a piece 块上的面

Factory Solves

It involves a scrambled cube for every solver (or sometimes just one cube between solvers), and after each step of the CFOP method, the cube is passed to the next person in the line.


Fat Sune 胖小鱼

r U R’ U R U2 r’

Finger Tricks 指法

Skillful acts for fingers to execute algorithms very fast 有技巧的指法能让公式执行得很快

FL (First Layer) 底层

Flagship 旗舰


Flip 翻转

Flipped 翻转的

See also “Misoriented”.

Floppy 单层魔方

1xMxN Cuboid 1xMxN的长方体魔方

FMC (Fewest Moves Challenge) 最少步挑战

FnC (First n Centers) n中心

FnE (First n Edges) n

Forward Slash 斜杠

Free Slot

See also “Open Slot”.

Fridrich Method

See also “CFOP”.

Full-Bright 全亮

Color type of stickers 贴纸的颜色种类

Full-Corner Cutting 全容错

Full Step 无跳

One did not skip any step during solving 还原时没有跳过任何步骤


Gear Cube 齿轮魔方

The Gear cube (also known as the Caution cube) is a twistable puzzle in the shape of a cube that is cut two times along each of three axes, as a 3x3x3. Moreover, there are geared edges. That means the edges can turn around themselves.

Grip 起手,抓住


A mathematical structure. The set of all states of Rubik’s cube form a group. 一种数学结构。三阶魔方所有状态的集合构成一个群。

God’s Algorithm 上帝公式

The optimal solution from a puzzle state to another state, commonly the solved state


God’s Number 上帝之数

The diameter of the group of the puzzle (the furthest distance two states can be from each other)


Guimond (Gaétan Guimond) 色先法(吉蒙德法)

A 2×2 method 二阶方法


Half-Bright 半亮

Color type of stickers 贴纸的颜色种类

Half Turn

Any 180 degree turn 任意面的180°旋转

Handfeel 手感

Hedge (Hedgeslammer) (F R’ F’ R)

Headlight 头灯

See also “light”.

HLS (Hessler Last Slot)

a 3x3x3 subset in which the last F2L pair that can be solved alone with R U R’ or L’ U’ L, and OLL are solved simultaneously

HTM (Half Turn Metric)

A metric for 3×3 where any turn of any face, by any angle, counts as 1 turn


Honeycomb 蜂巢


Inner Shell 内壳

Insertion 插入,入槽

In CFOP method, it refers to F2L. In BLD 3-Style method, it refers to 3 moves that inserts the sticker outside of the interchange into one of the stickers in the interchange without disturbing the rest of the interchange layer.

In FMC, it is a technique. See also “Skeleton”.

Inspection 观察

The time used to inspect the cube before starting a solve. In WCA competitions, the maximum inspection time is 15 seconds. 在还原魔方前的观察时间。WCA 比赛中最长观察时间为15s.

Interchange 交换

A single move that moves one sticker into another sticker’s spot without disturbing the 3rd sticker

Intermediate Method 进阶方法

Inverse 逆序

The inverse of A B C is C’ B’ A’. A B C的逆序是C’ B’ A’。

Guimond (Gaétan Guimond) 色先法

A 2×2 intermediate method 二阶的一种进阶玩法


Journey Method

See also “Method of Loci”.


Keyhole F2L 空穴F2L

A F2L technique 一种F2L技术

KK (Kaleta-Kłosko)

A skewb advanced method 斜转的一种高级玩法



All pieces which make up one rotational side. 某个旋转面上所有的块的集合。

LBL (Layer By Layer) 层先法


EG1 case where bar is on DL 棒在DL的EG1情况

Letter 字母

Notation of sticker 贴纸的表示

Letter Pairs 字母对

Any single word/sound/name that has derived from associating 2 letters

Letter Pair Images 字母对图像

Letter pair images are objects/animals/people/adjectives that can be easily visualised and are created by combining 2 letters. These images can interact with each other and be placed along an imaginary journey/route.

Lettering Scheme 编码方案

A very popular and efficient technique for attaining letters. An imaginary lettering scheme is placed on the cube, so each sticker/position is assigned its own unique letter. The idea is to memorise the letters of the cycles that would be necessary to solve the cube.

LH (Left-handed) 左单(左手单手)


line except the middle dot 除去中间点的线

LL (Last Layer) 顶层

LL Skip OP 连跳

OLL skip + PLL skip = 1/15552

LnC (Last n Centers) n中心

LnE (Last n Edges) n

Locked Clip 卡扣拼接

Loci 地点

Multiple locations 多个地点

Lockup 卡住

Locus 地点

Single location 单个地点

Lookahead 预判

Planning future stages while executing moves to solve the pieces of the current stage


LS (Last Slot) 最后一组F2L

LSE (Last Six Edge)

A step in advanced Roux method

LSLL (Last Slot and Last Layer) 最后一组F2L和顶层

Lubricant (Lube) 润滑油

Lubrication 润滑

Lucky Case 好情况

Case that has easy step to execute during solving 还原的情况中有容易执行的步骤


M (Magnet) 磁力版

Magnetic Capsule 磁力舱

Main (Main Cube) 主力(主力魔方)

Mean 平均

Method 玩法,方法

Memo (Memorization) 记忆

Memory Palaces 记忆宫殿

See also “Method of loci”.

Method of loci 定桩记忆法

A method of memory enhancement which uses visualizations with the use of spatial memory, familiar information about one’s environment, to quickly and efficiently recall information

Middle Layer 中间层

Midge 中棱

Minx (Megaminx) 五魔方

Mirror 镜像

Misalign 错开

Misoriented 色向错误的

Not oriented

Misslot 错槽

Different slot 不同的槽

Mod (Modification) 改造

Any change to the puzzle (except turning) such as making a new cube with an existing mechanism.


Move Count 步数

The number of moves 操作的长度

Multi-slotting 多组入槽

Intentionally inserting F2L in a manner which leads next F2L to good case


Muscle Memory 肌肉记忆


n-Bar (n>1) n-

n connected stickers n个连在一起的贴纸

n-Gen (n-Generator) n-

Using only moves with n sides or slices 只转动n个外层或内层

n-Line (n>2) n-

n connected stickers n个连在一起的贴纸

NxN N阶魔方

NxNxN cube

nLLL (n Look Last Layer, n=1,2,3,4) n步骤还原顶层

Solving the last layer in n steps or ‘looks’. In CFOP, 4LLL, 3LLL and 2LLL refer to 2 Look OLL+2 look PLL, 2 Look OLL+PLL, and OLL+PLL, respectively.


NAR (North American Record/Rank) 北美洲纪录/排名

Negative (-)

Notation 符号表示

Notation on Cube moves 魔方标记体系


The commutator R U’ L’ U R’ U’ L (U), which re-orients 3 corners clockwise.

交换子R U’ L’ U R’ U’ L (U)。

NISS (Normal-Inverse-Scramble-Switch)

One of FMC techniques 最少步常用技巧

NR (National Record/Rank) 国家纪录/排名


A Pyraminx advanced method 金字塔高级玩法


Oblique 斜心

Center in 6×6 or higher which is neither X-center nor T-center 六阶以上的非角心非边心的中心

OBTM (Outer Block Turn Metric)

One official turn metric that defining 1 move as any non-slice move, where rotations are considered as 0 moves 将任意非中层的一次转动计为1(整体旋转记为0)的一种官方度量制

OcR (Oceanic Record/Rank) 大洋洲纪录/排名

OCLL (Orient Corners of Last Layer) 还原顶层角块朝向

Offical 官方

See also “WCA”.

Offical PB 官方最好成绩

Best result in WCA competition WCA比赛中的最好成绩

OH (One-Handed) 单手

One-handed speedcubing 单手速拧

Oka (Yohei Oka) 奥卡法

Pyraminx intermediate method 金字塔进阶玩法

OLL (Orientation of LL) 还原顶层朝向


OLL Parity O

OLL Skip O


OLS (Orientation of Last Slot)

Solving the last F2L and OLL 还原最后一组F2L和OLL


Open Slot 空槽

Unsolved slot 未还原的槽

Opp (Opposite) 对,反(相对的,相反的)

Opp Light 对头灯

Light and the middle dot with opposite color 灯和灯中间的反色点

Optimal Solution 最优解

Oriented 正向的,色向正确的

Property of pieces generated by {U, D, L, R, F2, B2}

Orientation 朝向,色向

Ortega (Victor Ortega) 面先法(奥尔特加法)

A 2×2 advanced method which makes a face first 首先完成一个面的二阶魔方高级还原方法

Outer Shell 外壳

Over Inspection 长观察

Inspection time over 15s 超过15秒的观察时间


Parity 特(奇偶)

Parity in a speedsolving context generally refers to additional steps required to solve a puzzle in cases where there are (or appear to be) an odd number of piece swaps on a cube.


Pause 停顿

PB (Personal Best) 个人最好成绩

PBL (Permutation of Both Layers) 双层排列

A step used in some common 2×2 methods


Petrus Method (Lars Petrus)

A 3×3 speedsolving method which has a strong emphasis on blockbuilding


Perm (Permutation) 排列

Pillowed Puzzle 面包魔方

Pinch 捏住

PLL (Permutation of LL) 还原顶层排列

PLL Parity P

PLL Skip P


POP 魔方散架

When pieces ‘pop’ or fall out of a cube during turning 在转魔方时魔方发生散架(掉块)

Position 位置

PR (Personal Record)

See also “Offical PB”.

Practice 练习

Predict 预判

Premove 预操作

Used in FMC


Pretty Patterns 花式图案

Prevent Dot (OLL) 跳点O

Prime (‘)  撇号

See also “Singmaster Notation”.

Probability 概率

PSC (Prepared Solving Challenge) 事先练习过的还原挑战

Pseudo Block 伪块

Concept in FMC

Pull 反拨


Puzzle 魔方

An object with many pieces which can be manipulated in certain well-defined ways, the goal of which is to bring the pieces into a predefined solved position. 对所有魔方和类似项目的统称。

Py (Pyraminx) 金字塔魔方


QTM (Quarter Turn Metric)

A metric where any turn of any face by 90° counts as 1 turn 任意面的90°转动计数为1的度量制

Quarter Turn

Any 90 degree turn 任意90°转动


Recognition 观察

Reconstruction 复盘

Reduction 降阶法

A common big cube solving method whereby the cuber solves the center pieces into place, followed by pairing up edge pieces to effectively ‘reduce’ the big cube to a 3×3.



See also “Reduction Method”.


Solving without inspection first 不带观察时间的还原

Regrip 换手

One of the hands leaves the cube before the letter move for the moment


Regripless 少换手的

Relay 接力


Review 测评

RH (Right-handed) 右单(右手单手)

RLS (Rowe Last Slot)


Rubik’s Cube (3×3) 鲁比克魔方(三阶魔方)

A 3-D combination puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. It consists of 6 faces, each with 9 colored facets. From another aspect, this puzzle has 6 fixed centers, 12 edges, and 8 corners. A solved cube has all facets on each face with the same color.


Roman Room

See also “Method of loci”.

Rotation 转体

Rotationless 少转体的

Roux (Gilles Roux) 桥式方法(鲁法)

A 3×3 speedsolving method where 1x2x3 blocks are built on the left and right sides to begin




S2L (Second Two Layers) 第二个两层

Some pieces on Megaminx 五魔上的某些块

Same 相同的

SAR (South American Record/Rank) 南美洲纪录/排名

Scramble 打乱

Setup 预操作

See also “conjugate”.

Sexy Move (R U R’ U’)


See also “face”.

SiGN (Simple General Notation)

A notation method for NxNxN cubes 高阶魔方转动表示法

Single 单次成绩

Singmaster Notation 辛马斯特符号

A basic notation method for 3×3: U, D, L, R, F, B turns the up, down, left, right, front, back face 90° (one quarter turn) clockwise, respectively. Adding a ‘ or 2 symbol to the end of one of the letters denotes a turn of that layer 90° (one quarter turn) counterclockwise or  180° (one half turn or two quarter turns). 三阶的一种基本表示法: U, D, L, R, F, B分别表示将顶,底,左,右,前,后面顺时针转动90°(四分之一圈)。在其中一个字母后加上撇号或2分别表示逆时针转动该层90°(四分之一圈)或180°(半圈)。

SK (Skewb) 斜转魔方

Skeleton 骨架

The solved cube except for a few pieces. These pieces are frequently solved using commutators, which are known as insertions for the purposes of this event due to the way they are inserted into the skeleton. Ideally, some of the moves of the insertions will cancel with some of the moves of the skeleton, allowing for the cube to be solved much more efficiently.

Skip 跳步

One skipped some step during solving 还原时跳过某个步骤


Flip notation in SQ-1 SQ-1中翻的表示

Slice Move 内层转动

Moves M, E, and S on 3×3

Sledge (Sledgehammer) (R’ F R F’)


A F2L edge-corner pair 一组F2L棱角对

Solution 解法

Solve 还原,解法

Orient and permute 还原朝向和排列

SoR (Sum of Ranks) 世界排名总和

Spatial Memory 空间记忆

Speedcube 速拧魔方

Speedcuber 速拧玩家,速拧选手

Anyone who solves puzzles as fast as possible 以尽可能快地还原魔方为目标的人群

Speedcubing 速拧

A hobby or sport where an individual solves twisty puzzles as quickly as possible


Speedsolving 速拧

See also “Speedcubing”.


A standardized lettering scheme proposed by Ville Seppänen and Rob Holt. Start at UBL for A and then goes clockwise in U face to URB for B, etc. After the U face, follows L, F, R, B, and D.

Speffz 是由 Ville Seppänen 和 Rob Holt 提出的标准化编码方案。将UBL记为A,然后从U面开始顺时针走,将URB记为B,等等。U面完成后,依次标记L,F,R,B和D面。

Squan (SQ1)

SS        (Stern-Sun)

A 2×2 intermediate method using 2×2 OLS algorithms 使用二阶OLS公式的一种二阶进阶方法

Sticker 贴纸

Adhesive label on facet 块的面上胶粘的标签

Stickerless 免贴纸的

STM (Slice Turn Metric)

A metric for 3×3 where any turn of any layer, by any angle, counts as one turn


Sub T (Subtraction T)

Solving time below T 在T时间内还原

Subway Time 地铁时间

Solving when doors open on the subway 在地铁开门的时间内还原魔方

Suggested Algorithm 推荐公式

Sune (R U R’ U R U2′ R’) 小鱼


A famous position of the 3x3x3 where all corners are solved, and all edges are in the correct location but flipped. Despite its symmetry, this is an extremely difficult pattern, which is known to require 20 moves HTM to solve. 所有棱块色向错误,其余都正确的三阶魔方状态。不考虑对称性,这是一种及其困难的状态,至少需要20步HTM才能还原。

SV (Summer Variation) 夏日变奏曲

LSLL subset that orients LL corners while solving R U R’ case (or the mirror) for the last F2L pair, assuming LL edges are oriented.

Symmetry 对称


T-Center 棱心块

Edge center

TCLL (Twisty Corner of Last Layer)

Supplement methods to EG methods EG方法的补充方法

Team BLD 合盲

A popular speedcubing social activity where one cuber is blindfolded for the entire solve (including inspection) and communicates (mostly by listening) with another cuber about how to solve the cube. 一种流行的速拧活动,一个人观察解法并告诉另一个人,一个人负责盲拧操作。

Tension 弹力

Timer 计时器

An instrument designated to measure time, like CStimer, DCtimer and Twistytimer.

Tile 贴片

TPS (Turns Per Second) 转速(每秒拧的步数)

Trigger 连贯操作

A sequence of 3-4 moves easy to memorize and execute 容易记忆和执行的3到4步的转动序列

Tutorial 教程


Twisty Puzzle 异形魔方

A puzzle with twisting or moving layers whose goal is to reach a pre-defined goal state by moving these parts to transition from one state of the puzzle to another. Mechanical puzzles that are operated by twisting groups of pieces.



See also “Inverse”.

Unsexy Move (U R U’ R’)

Untimed Solve 未计时的还原

UWR (Unofficial World Record/Rank) 非官方世界纪录/排名


VHLS (Vandenbergh-Harris Last Slot)


VLS (Valk Last Slot)

a 3x3x3 subset in which the last F2L pair that can be solved alone with the move sequence (R U’ R’) or (L’ U L), and OLL are solved


Walkthrough 实例

WB (World Best)

See also “UWR”.

WCA (World Cube Association) 世界魔方协会

Westlund 韦斯特隆德法

The most popular Megaminx method 最流行的五魔方法

WF (With Feet) 脚拧

Wing 翼棱

WO (Wedel-Odder)

A Pyraminx advanced method 金字塔高级玩法

WR (World Record/排名) 世界纪录/排名

WV (Winter Variation) 冬日变奏曲

Inserting the last F2L connected already and orienting LL corners  还原最后一组F2L(已组好)和棱块朝向


X-Center (Corner Center) 角心块

Xcross, XXcross, XXXcross 拓展十字

Solving cross and one (two or three) F2L 还原底面十字和一(二或三)组F2L


Yau (Robert Yau)

A big cube speedsolving method, where cross is solved before the cube is fully reduced to 3×3 stage


YTUWR (YouTube Unofficial World Record) 优兔视频非官方世界纪录


ZBF2L (Zborowski-Bruchem F2L)

See also “EOLS”.

ZBLL (Zborowski-Bruchem LL)

Solving the entire LL in 1 step, when LL edges are oriented 已有顶层十字的情况下一次性还原整个顶层

ZZ (Zbiginiew Zborowski)

A 3×3 speedsolving method in which the first step involves orienting all edges on the cube. Zbiginiew Zborowski发明的三阶还原方法,该方法首先还原所有棱块的色向。

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